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Our Vision

At Wesley Methodist Primary we have two main aims: one is to ensure that all children are fluent readers by the age of seven, and any children who do not achieve this are given every support to work towards fluency. Our second, is to ensure that all of our children make progress and achieve their potential in the widest sense, therefore all aspects of teaching and learning that are planned, and the climate within the school, are leading towards this.

The values and philosophy we promote, underpin our distinct Methodist character, management of the school, the curriculum, the ethos and the way we work together as a family unit. This is completed through our use of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit to ensure that we all have a secure understanding of the importance of our roles within our community and how to be good citizens that support and enable all to flourish. We are a health promoting school, where everyone has the right to be heard and good mental and physical well-being of all: children and staff.

Our vision is based on our personal commitment to the children and school. We focus on our children’s spiritual development, our knowledge about the way children learn, and how best to care for our children.

We also know that all of our staff members feel valued when their views are taken seriously, their training needs are discussed and understood. There is a climate of everyone learning and talking together. Collective teacher efficacy is a significant predictor of children’s achievements. Research shows that securing improvement comes through the hearts and minds of teachers. We have a shared sense of what achievement means.

At Wesley, our community is strong, and a large part of this is our family of parents and carers, who are seen as partners in their children’s learning, giving and receiving information, talking and relating to teachers, trusting each other in their efforts to support the children. Through involvement within our community, working alongside; our church, other schools and charities, we demonstrate that we do not exist in isolation, but as part of the world.

We aim to be an inclusive school of equals. Everyone equal of education, training, respect, love and care.

Shine like stars as children of God

Shine like stars with love

We love God as well as each other and we put the needs of other before our own.

Shine like stars with joy

We celebrate our achievements, big and small, and show encouragement to others as they reach their goals.

Shine like stars at peace

We work together to achieve peace in our lives and across our wider community, ensuring that Wesley is a happy and safe place to be.

Shine like stars with patience

We understand everyone’s unique needs and show respect and care to all in our school and community.

Shine like stars in showing kindness

We strive to make a positive difference to all others around us, particularly to those in the most need.

Shine like stars by doing good

We always try to do the right thing and follow the school rules.

Shine like stars with gentleness

We show gentle strength.

Shine like stars with faithfulness

We tell the truth and act with honesty in all that we do.

Shine like stars with will power

We show self-control, even under pressure, working to reflect the values of the school.

Shine like stars through our talents

We understand that we all have unique and special gifts from God and know we can use these to have a positive impact on our world.

Shine like stars as children of God! - Philippians 2:15