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Meet Our Staff

Mr Rhys Jones Mr Peter Wood Mr Ian Holland
Head Teacher Deputy Head Teacher / SENDCO Site Manager
Miss Jane Pritchard Miss Mikayla Richardson Miss Charlotte Wood
Office Manager Office Assistant Pastoral Manager
Miss Charlotte Campbell Mrs Samantha Rohman Mr Kyle Solczak
Reception Teacher/ Computing Lead Reception Teacher/ Assessment Lead TLR Year 1 Teacher/ DT Lead
Mrs Stacey Thomasson Miss Rebecca Kirkpatrick Mr Adam Hughes
Year 1/2 Teacher/ Art Lead Year 2 Teacher/ Phonics Lead TLR/ History and Goegraphy Lead Year 3 Teacher/ PE Lead
Mrs Michelle Clowes Miss Keileigh Stanworth Mr Richard Clayworth
Year 3/4 Teacher/ MFL Lead Year 4 Teacher/ ECT Year 5 Teacher/ Science Lead
Mrs Sarah Dafter Mrs Linda Jones Miss Alison Lee
Year 5 Teacher/ RE Lead/ Music Lead Year 6 Teacher/ Maths Lead TLR Year 6 Teacher/ English Lead TLR
Mrs Victoria Howard Mrs Louise Righini Miss Beverly Whittaker
Reception Teaching Assistant Reception Teaching Assistant Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Margaret Crompton Miss Sophie Kyle Mrs Denise Murray
Year 1/2 Teaching Assistant Year 2 Teaching Assistant Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Tilly Lonsdale Miss L Waddington Mrs Sarah Murray
Year 3/4 Teaching Assistant Year 4 Teaching Assistant Year 5 Teaching Assistant



Mrs Sarah Lawton Mrs Sarah Seal  
Year 6 Teaching Assistant Forest School Lead