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At Wesley Methodist Primary School, the intention of the maths curriculum is to excite and promote a love of mathematics. Developing a positive ‘I Can Do’ attitude is essential. Teachers promote an enjoyment of mathematics and provide opportunities for all pupils to build a conceptual understanding before applying their knowledge to everyday problems.

At Wesley, we are embedding a mastery approach throughout school from EYFS to Year 6, so that the teaching and learning is consistent and will support all pupils with their understanding and retention. Pupils are required to explore mathematics in depth, using mathematical vocabulary to reason and explain their workings. A wide range of mathematical resources are used and pupils are taught to show their workings in a concrete, pictorial and abstract form. They are taught to explain their choice of methods and to develop their fluency and mathematical reasoning skills. We encourage resilience and acceptance and that struggle is often a necessary step in learning. Our approach enables children to be numerate, creative, independent, inquisitive, enquiring and confident. Pupils should not be afraid to make mistakes and should fully embrace the fact that mistakes are part of learning.