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“We are not the makers of History. We are made by History” - Martin Luther King, Jr

At Wesley Methodist Primary School, we aim to develop in children a desire for knowledge about the past and the events that have brought us to where we are today. Through history teaching, we enable children to gain a sense of personal identity and an understanding of their own cultural roots, as well as a respect for other cultures and other points of view. We also believe it important to ensure children have a sense of chronology and that local history is included. We believe that History encourages creative and critical thinking and a questioning mind.

Throughout the school, we recognise the importance of multiple approaches and use primary and secondary sources to give the children opportunities to become ‘active historians’. We ask our own questions, we investigate artefacts, we use the internet to research, and we enjoy drama, role-play and hot seating. We appreciate the role of narrative and read quality texts which link to our history topics. Children learn about aspects of the past, which relate directly to themselves, their families, their local area, our nation and the world.

Please see the long-term overview for history for a list of class topics and further information.