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Friends PTA

The Wesley PTA is a small group of staff and parents who play a vital role here at school.  We work together to plan and run fun events throughout the school year for Wesley families to enjoy and take part in, whilst raising invaluable funds for the school. We shine like stars in many ways different ways; with love; at peace; with patience; and in showing kindness.

Monies raised are used to purchase resources that might otherwise be financially out of school’s reach and that will benefit the pupils and enhance their school experience and education.  Mr Jones keeps us informed of the exciting plans for the children and where the PTA can contribute to projects that will benefit them.

However, it’s also not just about the money. It also gives us parents the opportunity to meet, socialise, share our skills and become more involved in our child/children's school life and be part of the extended Wesley family.

Also, for every event we try hard to engage with local businesses and the community to promote good relationships between school and themselves.


An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held at the beginning of each school year where all are welcome and anyone can put themselves forward for a formal committee key role, such as Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity Officer and Vice positions of these roles.  No experience necessary just enthusiasm and commitment! Our next meeting will be on Thursday 7th October at 3:35pm in school. 

Informal meetings are then held approximately once a month to discuss and plan for the next event.  Meetings pre COVID were at the Sparking Clog, Radcliffe but due to current circumstances they are now taking place via Zoom.  Again, all very welcome. 


Attendance to meetings is as and when you can make it, really there is no pressure!  It is not about attending endless meetings or giving up countless hours of your free time, it’s about being able to make a positive difference to your child/children’s education and the other children at Wesley.

None of us claim to be professional fundraisers but as long as there are enough willing volunteers amongst us, we’ll always get the job done and have a good time doing it!


The PTA is open to anybody with the school’s best interests at heart. If you would like to join then we would love to hear from you.  Please either message the group via the Wesley Methodist PTA Facebook page or e-mail: and a PTA member will be in touch.


We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Team.