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Attendance 2023/24

The table below shows the attendance records for each Trustee, committee member and local advisory board member at Trust meetings over the last academic year (2023-24)

Governance Attendance 2023-24

Name Attendance   Attendance
  17/10/23 11/12/23 06/02/24 16/04/24 16/05/24 Summer 24 23-24 total
Mr Rhys Jones Y Y Y Y Y  


Mr Andrew Morrison Y Y Y Y Y   5/5
Mrs Lauriane Harvey Y Y Y Y Y   5/5
Mrs Clare Mariani



Y Y Y   5/5
Mr Bryan Sharples N N Y Y N   2/5
Helen Waring Y - Observer N Y Y Y   4/5
Blaze Whyte N Y - Observer Y - Observer N Y - Observer   3/5