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Wesley Methodist Primary School Forth Road, Manchester


Hello, my name is Miss Wood and I am the Pastoral and SEMH Lead here at Wesley.

My job is to support all the children with their social, emotional and mental health wellbeing. I carry out this support through group work, 1-to-1s and working closely with the parent/carer.

The groups that I run include:

Rising Stars - This is a group that aims to build on self and social confidence and self-esteem.

Friendship Group - This group aims to build on the friendship skills of the children, whether it be making friends, understanding the rules of friendship or maintaining good friendships.

No Limits - This is a specific SEMH group. This helps children to label and understand their emotions, possible reasons for their emotions, explains how the mind works emotionally and provides them with coping skills so that they can independently manage their own emotions.

Forest School Pastoral Group - Forest School is used as a form of therapy for the pastoral group. A change in the environment provides myself and Mrs Seal (Forest School Lead) with an opportunity to discuss any issues or worries in a more relaxed atmosphere. Mrs Seal also helps the children to build on their life skills by teaching them how to cook, build, use tools and clean away.

Super Movers - this is an exercise/dance club that is open to all children and takes place on a Wednesday lunch time. We also do relaxation at the end of each session in order to help the children to self-regulate. 

Homework Club - Open to all children on a Tuesday lunch time. Myself and Mrs Lonsdale are there to help the children and they can access resources such as iPads and laptops.

Super Siblings - Closed pastoral group supporting sibling relationships by Mrs Lonsdale and I.

All children know they can drop in to the V.I.P. Room every break and dinner time if they need to talk with me. I can have a 1:1 during this time and/or set up future 1:1 sessions with them.

I work closely with parents/carers who have concerns about their child and I am available to talk to face-to-face in school, via phone call through the school office or directly to my email at

I look forward to hearing from you!