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Trip to Carcassonne

18th Jun 2019

Mrs Murray, Frank (the British Bulldog) and I (Mrs Clowes) visited Southern France last week and had a brilliant time. It was very hard work however, and we had lots to do in order to receive our Erasmus course certificate. We worked alongside fifteen other teachers from the North West, Glasgow and the Midlands. We attended French language classes, gathered resources and prepared and presented a presentation about Carcassonne. Other activities included, a Treasure hunt around the famous Citadel, a visit to the local market, a trip to Carcassonne Lake and a game of the popular French sport, Pétanque.
On Thursday night, Mrs Murray and I travelled further North to Toulouse to stay with two French families. Mrs Murray stayed with Emilie, a French teacher from our link school - École Lauzeville, and I stayed with a neighbour across the road. Our hosts were wonderful; they made us feel so welcome and we were treated like Queens. The French really do love their food and Emilie and Ericka had prepared quite lovely meals for us.
The following day we travelled to École Lauzeville with our host teacher, Emilie. The pupils, parents and all staff made us feel so welcome. Our first session of the day was a whole school sports event. Here we had an opportunity to talk to children from all classes and parents too. After la récréation (break) we shared English stories and nursery rhymes with London Bridge (and its fun actions) being particularly well received. We also gave out the postcards that our Y3/4 pupils had written for the Lauzeville pupils. We have returned home with postcards written in French for our pupils to read.
The host teachers served us a beautiful meal in the staff room. We could enjoy our quiche, salade, fromage, pâté and pastries at leisure, as they have two hours for lunch at École Lauzeville and indeed, in many French schools. They do however, finish school at 4.15pm.
Emilie drove us to the Metro station at the end of the day and we met with our colleagues to share our Toulouse school experiences.
We landed at back in Manchester on Monday night after a very rewarding week of work- a truly memorable experience. Thanks to Miss Marechal for her hard work applying for the place on the course and continued hard work in supporting staff on their visits.



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