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Wesley Methodist Primary School Forth Road, Manchester

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2018/2019 School Year

18th Jun 2019
Mrs Murray, Frank (the British Bulldog) and I (Mrs Clowes) visited Southern France...
18th Jun 2019
Mrs Murray and I visited Southern France last week and had a brilliant time. It was...
4th Nov 2018
Mrs Jones and Miss Marechal are having loads of fun discovering French culture and...

2017/2018 School Year

20th Sep 2017
The new Chicken and Rabbit Care Team are already doing a fantastic job of looking...

2016/2017 School Year

29th May 2017
The auditions are complete. The wildcards have been chosen. The live show hits the...
17th May 2017
Please find attached Wesley's Mobile Phone Policy.
18th Dec 2016
During a school council meeting the children noted that more people would like to...